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Lou.. I will miss you!

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Lou.. I will miss you!
My dear friend Lou Zeldis passed away yesterday.. and I am so blessed to have known him in this life. I met Lou waiting in line for a taxi in Tucson about ten years ago.. he was tall, poised and wearing about 25 necklaces (each one with a story, each one of his creations). We shared a taxi and became immediate buddies. Lou was the sort of person that you couldn’t help but notice in a crowd of thousands.. he glowed, it was impossible for Lou to hide. His art was an extension of his wonder. Lou was brilliant, having traveled and lived abroad for most of his life, Lou chose to speak his own language, a sort of glamorous pigeon which everyone understood. Lou refused to drive a car, and delighted in walking and taking the slower route. Lou was FUN.. the sort that would tie your hair to the strings of helium balloons and enjoy a sunny afternoon on the lawn blowing bubbles. So as I sit here writing.. knowing that you must have been needed for a incredible art installation in the sky Lou.. I thank you for your teachings, and for including me in the group of thousands of artists and free spirits world wide who all loved you and delighted in the character you were and shall always be… Here’s to the power of 9!
You will live forever in my heart.