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Mary’s Timeless Treasures Scamming the Unsuspecting on Ruby Lane

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Mary’s Timeless Treasures Scamming the Unsuspecting on Ruby Lane

Over the last several months, I have been contacted by many people.. asking me about pearls being offered by Mary’s Timeless Treasures on Ruby Lane. Each time, I have been amazed at the misinformation being posted on that site. I have watched the descriptions being copied directly from our website (as well as our family company without our permission.

I have spent a lot of time educating customers as to why it is IMPOSSIBLE that the pearls being offered at Mary’s Timeless Treasures are fresh water pearls from Japan’s Lake Kasumi ga Ura.


First there is the story about how she came by these pearls :

That these many necklaces were part of a large jewelry lot that had been stored since 1990.


Here is the reality :

I came to know Japan Kasumi pearls in 1995,  at that time, having a small handful of Japan Kasumi pearls was VERY RARE.  In fact the first time that we even had enough pearls to put a strand together was appx. 1999. At that time we didn’t dare drill those pearls until they had sold. That is how few there were in those years.


Second: The sizes of the pearls are claimed to be ranging from 16-23mm.


And the reality is :

In 1995 when I began working with them personally, a 12mm fresh water pearl was almost unheard of. To this day, the quantity of pearls produced in Lake Kasumi ga Ura is so small that a few strands a year with even just center pearls of this size is a BIG DEAL .


Third: The prices


The reality remains since their advent: Japan Kasumi pearls (meaning fresh water pearls that are farmed in Japan’s Lake Kasumi ga Ura) have and most likely always will be not cheap. Genuine Japan Kasumi pearls are farmed in a time honored way, they are NOT mass produced.  There is no way she is able to offer her strands and necklaces for $500-600 because we cannot even purchase them directly from the farmers for these kinds of prices.


Fourth: The colors of the pearls


The reality: Japan Kasumi pearls are never Black/pistachio in color. In fact no fresh water pearl in the world is EVER black or pistachio.

Genuine Japan Kasumi pearls are cleaned with salt at harvest, washed in water and brought to market. There is absolutely NO treatment that would cause such colors as these.


She is most certainly selling Chinese fresh water pearls and calling them Japanese Kasumi. I chose to be silent about this for many months, as I wanted to believe that this was simply a case of misinformation about her own merchandise. I was silent when content from our websites was copied and pasted into her descriptions. I am busy, and I cannot nor will I try to chase all of the scammers on the internet. However when it came to my attention that she was using the Kojima Company name in her descriptions, I can only assume in an effort to increase her search engine rankings.. I became incensed. The internet is full of people selling “kasumi” pearls and unfortunately this does not mean that they are from Japan either, but when after many months and countless inquiries, the scamming became even more deviant.. I felt that Mary’s Timeless Treasures had crossed the line.


Japan Kasumi pearls and the farmers who produce them are very dear to my heart. The pearls are special, they are rare.. and I am offended that she is dishonoring the perseverance of these amazing farmers in an attempt to make money on Chinese fresh water pearls. Please keep in mind that these farmers in a tiny lake in JAPAN have continued their craft after suffering greatly following a huge earthquake, damage and looting at their farms. They continue to honor their work despite the fact that China produces much larger pearls for a fraction of the price, their practices have not changed.


If you have happened upon this blog post in an effort to educate yourself further about Japan Kasumi pearls : please beware of the Mary’s Timeless Treasures scam!

If you would like to , you can file a formal complaint about this blatant abuse of provenance here :


There are several other dealers on line who sell genuine Japan Kasumi pearls besides us and , and I am more than happy to refer you to trusted and respected people who deal with these pearls. (and who also know a lot about pearls). I am also happy to answer any questions you may have about genuine Japan Kasumi pearls (which we have bought and sold for 2 decades!).


I have also written a lengthy post about Mary’s Timeless Treasures Scamming Pearl Buyers on Pearl-Guide as well.

As many of you know :

I travel to Japan at least twice a year. I meet with the farmers at Lake Kasumi ga Ura, we sort through their harvests, we buy their pearls, as we have done for a very long time. We sell them loose on our websites, we whole sale them to jewelers and designers the world over, we also make jewelry out of them. We are not getting rich on these pearls. We do this because these pearls are precious, and they are grown with honor. This honor carries through in their glow, and it is what has made them so sought after.

Please be careful out there!

With warm regards, Sarah