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Tucson Gem and Mineral Show 2016

Tucson Gem and Mineral Show 2016
BOOTH #107
February 2-7 2016
(Fuji’s birthday is February 3rd, come by for cake and jokes, embarrassing him is free of charge)
The most fun a pearl booth in Tucson ever has.. Pacific Pearls.
This is a strict wholesale only show, buyer registration is required.
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Japan Kasumi Pearl Harvest 2015

Japan Kasumi Pearl Harvest 2015
Here are some photos from our trip to Japan this last February/March 2015
 As always, our first day was spent with the gracious and noble farmers of Japan Kasumi pearls.
It was still quite chilly that day.. but we toasted Yoneguchisan for his birthday and the quiet of the farm was a relaxing place to pick through these very special pearls.
Japan Kasumi pearls are grown ONLY in Lake Kasumi ga Ura ,  JAPAN, and these are two of the THREE farmers who still produce these very rare pearls.
Japan Kasumi pearls are NEVER dyed or treated.  After harvest they are rubbed with salt to clean them and washed only in fresh water.
Kasumi ga Ura translates to “the body of water beyond the mist”.  It is their special colors and the time honored way they are grown that makes Japan Kasumi pearls so  sought after.
This is a closeup of the shell used to grow Japan Kasumi pearls.
Yanasesan and Fuji could easily discuss pearls for a month straight.. one day with these farmers is never enough.
These are an invasive species that gives much trouble to the farmers and their precious mollusks.
Here Yanasesan is showing Fuji where he raises the mollusks that will later be nucleated with shell beads which will eventually become Japan Kasumi pearls.

 Thank you Japan.. More please!

Stay tuned as we continue to sort, drill and set these very special pearls.

Here are a couple of  photos of what we’ve put together so far from our new stock of Japan Kasumi pearls.

 This is the top strand from this years harvest the pearls measure 10-14mm.

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Pearls from farm to YOU!

Pearls from farm to YOU!
This year’s 5th Annual Pearl-Guide Ruckus was the biggest and best yet! Over 30 pearl enthusiasts came from all over the county. We spent the weekend in a mansion on the cliffs of Palos Verdes, talking about pearls, listening to presentations, eating amazing food, admiring the view, giggling in the pool, and talking more about pearls. All the thanks for this weekend go to Jeremy and Hisano Shepherd of Pearl Paradise, and their amazing team. This year we focused on pearls and the environment… it was a joy both to listen and learn, and to be in the presence of people who genuinely value sustainable in pearl production.

I was honored to be a part of a panel discussion on pearls at this year’s annual Pearl Ruckus, hosted by the generous Pearl Paradise crew. Myself,  Jeremy Shepherd of , Josh Humbert of , Douglas McLaurin of .

Blaire Beavers, a true pearl expert, gave a wonderful presentation on pearls with a focus on nacre growth and, of course, an amazing array of pearl photos she has taken over her career in the gem industry.
Click the photo below to hear the presentation given by Douglas McLaurin of Mexico’s only pearl farm (the Sea of Cortez pearls we feature in our jewelry) about
“Pearls & the Environment.” IT’S FASCINATING! TRULY A MUST SEE!
From farm to table, to light box, to a Summer afternoon in the park, more than a half kilo of natural color Tahitian keshi pearls are ready to pick! Online now in necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Parcels like this do not come around very often and I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with them.
If you’re going to be in the area, please come visit us at the San Mateo County Event Center for the Gem Show – September 5th-7th.
We will be exhibiting as Pacific Pearls in the Trade Room.
The hours are: Friday 12-6 / Saturday 10-6 / Sunday 11-5
For more information:
If you are traveling to the San Francisco Bay Area, please feel free to make an appointment to meet us and view our pearls at our downtown San Rafael studio.

Thank you all for your continued support and appreciation of our ever-evolving world of pearls.

With warmest regards,

Sarah Canizzaro and the Kojimapearl team.

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Almost home!

Almost home!
Well my pearl hunting trip to Japan and Hong Kong isn’t quite over yet as I’m writing this from an airport layover but what a perfect time to show you all some photos of my adventures and give you an idea of what putting pearls in your hands entails.
Our 60 hours in Japan went by so quickly that I can barely remember it now.. But we did have a great soba noodle meeting with the farmers from Lake Kasumi ga Ura (Japan’s ONLY fresh water pearl production). There was a lot of giggling as per usual and of course lots of talk of the current state if the fresh water pearl market. These guys are true gems and it is our honor to carry their magical pearls.. Gifts from “the body of water beyond the mist”. On this occasion I was able to purchase a lot of Kasumi Keshi pearls! They are not big, most of them are not perfect.. And I know that the look will not appeal to most… But for those of you who are avid pearl collectors and understand the rarity of a strand (or rope) of natural color Japan Kasumi Keshi .. Then please find the sneak peek photos below .. I spent ALL day on Sunday painstakingly sorting these into quality and color mix pieces.. ( and for anyone who wonders if these are Chinese pearls.. Rest assured I could think of a thousand other things to do with my entire Sunday.
These are guaranteed Keshi pearls from Japan’s Lake Kasumi ga Ura… And what you see in the stringing board is the collection of one farmer over a decade!

When we landed in Hong Kong … This was the forecast.

And this was the view from the ferry coming home from visiting a friend in an outlying island.

So we splished and splashed from one office to the next trying to see as many pearls as we could before the Hong Kong show started. Most of my days were spent like this.. Making pairs and sorting through thousands upon thousands of pearls to find the most beautiful and unusual ones I could.

Fujis sister Aloha was in town from Bangkok and it was a joy to accompany her to the Hong Kong show as she has been in the pearl business for her entire life and is also a GREAT designer… So fun to have shopping buddies and teachers. It had been so long since i last went to the Hong Kong Jewelry show, I had forgotten how much fun it is! Here is a photo of her wearing our simple drop earrings , so complimentary with her elegant purple blouse!

The weather cleared just before the show began and these are photos from the roof of our building in Tsim Sha Tsui.

My favorite place to escape the hustle and bustle of a city with 7 million people!

The show was fantastic! I really enjoyed seeing so many old and new friends and shopping for pearls and other jewels for three long days!
Here are JUST A FEW of my favorite finds. I will of course post them all on the website little by little upon returning home.


AND as an added bonus.. Whilst I was away.. our team at home produced some very tasty pearl rings in our studio in downtown San Rafael.

These are simply warming my heart right now!

So the time has come to board the plane and say goodbye to the balmy days of Asia for a few months..

Thank you all for supporting what I do.. there is magic in it all. 


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After our June Shows
We flew to Japan.

The protective ninjas we always travel with are

handmade by the amazing Aki Morishima.

From Tokyo , we rode the train to see our dear pearl farmer friends at 

Lake Kasumi ga Ura.

Next I spent two wonderful days in Kinugawa with my best friend, such a relaxing and much needed mini vacation.

And then we were off to Hong Kong for more pearl shopping and family time.

Directly following our time in Asia, I was super happy to join my fellow Pearl-Guide members in Malibu for a wonderful weekend of learning, sharing and laughing. As always , in gratitude to Jeremy Shepherd and Hisano Takei and all the people who make this my best pearl weekend each year ! I had so much fun this year, I forgot to take more photos. The pool was just too nice!



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Not your grandma’s pearls… but we have those too!

Not your grandma’s pearls… but we have those too!
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Our hearts are with JAPAN!

Our hearts are with JAPAN!
Since March 11th I have been in contact every few days with our dear friends who produce these very rare and special Japanese fresh water pearls in Lake Kasumi ga Ura.  In fact this newsletter has been edited and re-edited many times. Thank you to all those who have expressed their concern for our family and friends in Japan.
Thankfully I am happy to report that the farmers and their families are all in good health following this tragic event. One of the farmers was in his boat on the lake tending to the pearls when the earthquake hit. He realized what was happening and was able to make it to higher ground. Their houses were shaken so badly that everything inside was tossed about, and there is some structural damage to two of the buildings. At first the report was that there was no damage to the pearl farm.. however with more time to inspect… it became clear that 40% of one of the farms was destroyed, and there was considerable damage in two of the other farming locations. The worst of the damage was the loss of  the water tank which is used to nurture the baby mussels to adulthood . This is a 5000 square meter water tank.. and it is vital to ensuring the future of pearl production in Lake Kasumi…. and the lively hood of these precious people.
At present there is little that can be done in terms of work or repair. . Even though the farm is roughly 100miles away from the nuclear power plant at Fukushima.. the people of Kasumi ga Ura have been instructed to stay inside as much as possible. The fear of exposure is still very real. There has been no postal service since March 11th.. and there are very few supplies. Gasoline is in high demand.. and not easily obtained, according to the farmers, this is one of the biggest struggles.
(the discount code may also be used on items that do not contain Japan Kasumi pearls.. and for those sales, I will donate 5% to the farmers of Lake Kasumi)
I have learned a lot about our friends in these last weeks.. that they are strong people, that they are positive and humble through the toughest of circumstances….. and that their passion for producing pearls is helping to keep them inspired through this extreme time of uncertainty and sadness.
In support of our amazing farmers and the tradition they work so hard to maintain… will be offering a 10% discount on all Japan Kasumi pearls and in turn we will be donating 10% of all of those sales of Japan Kasumi pearls back to the farmers to help them in their efforts to recover their water tank and damaged farms… and to ensure that they can continue to produce these pearls that have become so loved as symbols of natural brilliance grown with the spirit of small and careful production.
As we all have been inundated with the news of this tragedy.. it is no secret that  THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE STILL SUFFERING IN JAPAN.. and I hope that you will all consider making a donation to the PEOPLE in need BEFORE supporting us in our efforts to rebuild what was damaged of the pearl farms at Lake Kasumi. There are many many aid organizations to choose from, here is just one suggestion :
(the discount code may also be used on items that do not contain Japan Kasumi pearls.. and for those sales, I will donate 5% to the farmers of Lake Kasumi)

This last year was one of the  largest harvests in many years.. and full of rich deep colors, these pearls are a delight to photograph, and play with. As many of you know (and some of you may not).. These pearls come from the only pearl producing lake in Japan, Lake Kasumi ga Ura (which translates to “the body of water beyond the mist”. There are ONLY 3 farmers working tirelessly to seed, maintain and harvest this production. That is 3.. just 3 people!!!  not thousands, just 3 people. These pearls represent a labor of love.. and dedication deeper than greed. The beauty of this shows in the pearls. These pearls are not mass produced..they are the opposite of that!

I can say that this year there is a larger percentage of deep color round pearls.. which is something not easily found in the past. For many years  the coveted deep purple Japan Kasumi pearls were always baroque.. so to open the cloth bags and find even 20 pieces of deep purple round pearls.. I was overjoyed with these! There are of course hundreds of the baroque pearls with deeply rippled surfaces in various colors.
Every year, I open the bags of Japan Kasumi and become interwoven with the harvest for many hours as I slowly sort these pearls into piles of similar quality and brilliance. (and occasionally find a few pairs.. which is not an easy task considering their propensity towards quirky characteristics). With pearls spread out on the table, in careful little bundles.. I slowly put the strands together. Next I drill each pearl, in each strand. After so many years.. it is with pleasure that we can exhibit the new strands in Tucson for all to see, and I am always amazed how many people stop by just to see “them”. We humbly owe the very existence of these pearls to the farmers. This year I was happy have finished several strands.. each with a unique glow.
The show in Tucson was a great success this year! WE WERE A VERY BUSY BOOTH… not too busy to throw Fuji a surprise birthday party of course! This last year, we were blessed to be hosts to two of the farmers from Lake Kasumi ga Ura, and show them around the show. They gave an extensive interview with Elizabeth Strack  (author of PEARLS) and they were overjoyed to meet fellow pearl farmers Douglas McLaurin and Enrique Arizmendi who run a magical endeavor in the
*** DID YOU KNOW? Pearls are actually GOOD for the environment… Pearls cannot grow in polluted water, so the more the pearl industry grows the more likely pearl farmers are to ensure their neighbors are also protecting the water! This is especially good news for countries of intense industrial growth, such as China. ***
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