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Do you follow us on Instagram?

Do you follow us on Instagram?
Check us out on Instagram !
We often add new photos of new pieces we make to Instagram first.
It's a convenient way to see what we are up to in the studio of music, laughter and pearls a plenty!
We have also created an Instagram account for our family business
You can shop many one of a kind loose pearls there. 
Just direct message us with questions or requests to purchase....
There is also a treasure trove of family pearl photos and a priceless video of Enrique and Douglas from Sea of Cortez pearl farm serenading Fuji for his birthday
We're getting really excited about our upcoming Spring Sale. 
Look for our newsletters in April with the invitation and coupon code. 
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Winter SALE coming soon!

Winter SALE coming soon!


We're starting the Holiday Sale a little earlier this year. 
We're busy creating and uploading lots of new designs.
There will be something for every style. 
Want something custom?
Feel free to email us:

For more than two decades we've been working
with the best pearls the world has to offer.

Still feeling honored to be doing what we love. 
Thank you and Happy Holidays!
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Exactly a month ago, we jetted off to Hong Kong to shop the famous pearl show. Jet-lagged but fueled with coffee and laughter we poured over the best pearls the world has to offer for four days straight. 


We bought treasures galore and are busy dreaming up new designs! 

I'm very excited to work with these natural pearls from the pteria penguin!

They were wild found, and are extremely rare! 

I chose each one specifically for a one of a kind collector's piece. 


Next stop was Hanoi. It was a joy to have 36 hours in this rich city, so full of life. 

Probably the best moment from our short stay in Hanoi was when our office manager ran out of a temple to grab me and show me her favorite part; it was a shaft of light.... that light really seemed to like her too!  #kojimagoddess

After a decade away from Ho Chi Minh City, it was so thrilling to see my friends again. 

This is Co Bay, she was my neighbor so many years ago. When I showed up at her gate (unannounced after a decade), she wasn't surprised at all, and acted like I was right on time. She is a testament to prayer and clean living.  This woman means SO much to me, seeing her again brought me to tears. 

Laughing with old friends is the best laughter. 

After all the visiting, we jumped head long into preparations for a pearl lecture and trunk show at the Circle of Love in District One, HCMC. 

We were prepped for the TV cameras and thirty reporters who showed up for the show!

It was a great time, the shop was gorgeous and the reporters asked really great questions. 

Click here for an article in Vietnamese about our visit to Circle of Love. 

We spoke mostly about Japan Kasumi pearls. We discussed the history, integrity with which they are farmed and the value of these dear fresh water pearls from Japan. 

It was our pleasure to introduce Japan Kasumi pearls to Vietnam !

Thank you Tam Mavroudis and Circle of Love for the opportunity and hospitality! 


Directly following the trunk show, we jumped on another flight to Hong Kong, resumed pearl shopping, processed the shipments and then made sure to get in a bit of clothes shopping. :)

Neither these options ended up coming home with us, but the temptation was real. 

A day after landing into the peace and quiet light of California, I headed up to Mendocino County for a family reunion.

This pot of gold was the perfect balance to the hectic pace of big Asian cities.  



Unfortunately, the peace and calm of our state didn't last long and now we are deep into the worst fire season in California history. 

We are hunkered down in the studio by day and reaching out and caring for our friends and family in need by night. 

We as a company will be donating to the victims and evacuees of these fires.

The California fires are only one of the MANY disasters humanity is facing right now.

May we all BE and SEE the helpers right now! 

We're home for the next couple of months prepping for our Holiday Sale which will start right around Thanksgiving and we have tonnes of pearl designs up our sleeves! 

Cheers, Sarah and the KojimaPearl team








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my magical time in Montréal

my magical time in Montréal
After communicating with The Duchesse for 8 years via email,
I decided it was time to finally meet her in person.
She is the author of the fashion / practical advice blog
If you are not already an avid follower...
trust me, follow the link and let her delight your inbox!
Arriving in Montréal, was met with a charming apartment, macarons, and a fantastic meeting face to face with a woman I had revered for so long. 
Duchesse handed me a map of the city and a metro card, and carefully laid out the adventures she had tailored to my interests. 
I was in heaven. 
We talked incessantly about art, culture, womanhood, fashion and of course pearls. 
We wandered the streets and the gorgeous open air market of Villeray. 
We even got to see Chance the Rapper at the Bell Centre. 
One morning we  went to the Guild Gallery downtown where I was honored to meet Janis Kerman
Janis was having an exhibition of her 45years of contemporary jewelry!
She was so gracious to show me each and every piece in the show. 
She is SUCH an inspiring woman. 
A dear friend of mine dropped in from Toronto for 24 hours with a suitcase full of gemstones and we had a great time catching up.
With the Janis Kerman show behind me and all these colorful gems in front of me, I felt fueled for the next round of original Kojima designs. 
The Duchesse introduced me to some of the best shopping.
 At nearly every turn we  enjoyed AMAZING food and of course ice cream! 
Montréal is a phenomenal city with a diverse population of really really nice people, fantastic public transportation and a deep appreciation for the arts...
the best part, by far was meeting The Duc and Duchesse and hearing about their lives and having the opportunity to see the city through their eyes.
They are truly magical beings leading a life we all aspire to. 
Four days was not nearly enough time, and it was also a perfect time. 
 Score one for the internet that brought us together. 


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From the ocean with love!

From the ocean with love!
I was overjoyed to receive this 14k yellow ring back from the jeweler today. He did an amazing job of setting this heart shape natural wild abalone pearl from the north coast of California. I bought the pearl years ago.. because who can say no to a naturally occuring heart shape NATURAL pearl? The setting was made with the touch of a master, allowing the metal to frame and follow the gentle curves of this amazing pearl. The setting is open in back and the pearl  Such a special piece, I thought it deserved a blog of it’s own! Keeping this one is OH so tempting!
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We were honored to be guests at the most beautiful wedding of Jeremy and Hisano Shepherd of . The wedding took place on a 2200 acre ranch just north of Santa Barbara. It was the most beautiful and elegant of celebrations I have ever been to. May your lives together be filled with happiness and fun! Thank you for inviting us to witness your marriage and be guests in such a magical place!
With love for the both of you!
Here are a few photos from this incredible time.

As we all gathered on a grassy bluff overlooking the ocean, these beautiful white parasols were instantly a perfect pairing with the deep blue skies and California sun!

Then came the greatest arrival I have seen to a girls own wedding!

I was too far away to photograph the actual ceremony, but I caught this one of the stunning Hisano  in her post ceremony glow.

After the wedding we all drank champagne and feasted on caviar and appetizers at a private beach at the Rancho Dos Pueblos.

The dinner was quite the feast… nestled in this incredible open air barn with chandeliers and pearls on every table for us to take as party gifts! Toasts were made, cupcakes were devoured, dancing ensued and finally the shuttle brought us all safely home with smiles on our faces and a night we’ll never forget.

Thank you pearl people! You celebrate well.. and I am blessed to call you friends!

Congratulations Jeremy and Hisano! 

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After our June Shows
We flew to Japan.

The protective ninjas we always travel with are

handmade by the amazing Aki Morishima.

From Tokyo , we rode the train to see our dear pearl farmer friends at 

Lake Kasumi ga Ura.

Next I spent two wonderful days in Kinugawa with my best friend, such a relaxing and much needed mini vacation.

And then we were off to Hong Kong for more pearl shopping and family time.

Directly following our time in Asia, I was super happy to join my fellow Pearl-Guide members in Malibu for a wonderful weekend of learning, sharing and laughing. As always , in gratitude to Jeremy Shepherd and Hisano Takei and all the people who make this my best pearl weekend each year ! I had so much fun this year, I forgot to take more photos. The pool was just too nice!



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Not your grandma’s pearls… but we have those too!

Not your grandma’s pearls… but we have those too!
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Our hearts are with JAPAN!

Our hearts are with JAPAN!
Since March 11th I have been in contact every few days with our dear friends who produce these very rare and special Japanese fresh water pearls in Lake Kasumi ga Ura.  In fact this newsletter has been edited and re-edited many times. Thank you to all those who have expressed their concern for our family and friends in Japan.
Thankfully I am happy to report that the farmers and their families are all in good health following this tragic event. One of the farmers was in his boat on the lake tending to the pearls when the earthquake hit. He realized what was happening and was able to make it to higher ground. Their houses were shaken so badly that everything inside was tossed about, and there is some structural damage to two of the buildings. At first the report was that there was no damage to the pearl farm.. however with more time to inspect… it became clear that 40% of one of the farms was destroyed, and there was considerable damage in two of the other farming locations. The worst of the damage was the loss of  the water tank which is used to nurture the baby mussels to adulthood . This is a 5000 square meter water tank.. and it is vital to ensuring the future of pearl production in Lake Kasumi…. and the lively hood of these precious people.
At present there is little that can be done in terms of work or repair. . Even though the farm is roughly 100miles away from the nuclear power plant at Fukushima.. the people of Kasumi ga Ura have been instructed to stay inside as much as possible. The fear of exposure is still very real. There has been no postal service since March 11th.. and there are very few supplies. Gasoline is in high demand.. and not easily obtained, according to the farmers, this is one of the biggest struggles.
(the discount code may also be used on items that do not contain Japan Kasumi pearls.. and for those sales, I will donate 5% to the farmers of Lake Kasumi)
I have learned a lot about our friends in these last weeks.. that they are strong people, that they are positive and humble through the toughest of circumstances….. and that their passion for producing pearls is helping to keep them inspired through this extreme time of uncertainty and sadness.
In support of our amazing farmers and the tradition they work so hard to maintain… will be offering a 10% discount on all Japan Kasumi pearls and in turn we will be donating 10% of all of those sales of Japan Kasumi pearls back to the farmers to help them in their efforts to recover their water tank and damaged farms… and to ensure that they can continue to produce these pearls that have become so loved as symbols of natural brilliance grown with the spirit of small and careful production.
As we all have been inundated with the news of this tragedy.. it is no secret that  THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE STILL SUFFERING IN JAPAN.. and I hope that you will all consider making a donation to the PEOPLE in need BEFORE supporting us in our efforts to rebuild what was damaged of the pearl farms at Lake Kasumi. There are many many aid organizations to choose from, here is just one suggestion :
(the discount code may also be used on items that do not contain Japan Kasumi pearls.. and for those sales, I will donate 5% to the farmers of Lake Kasumi)

This last year was one of the  largest harvests in many years.. and full of rich deep colors, these pearls are a delight to photograph, and play with. As many of you know (and some of you may not).. These pearls come from the only pearl producing lake in Japan, Lake Kasumi ga Ura (which translates to “the body of water beyond the mist”. There are ONLY 3 farmers working tirelessly to seed, maintain and harvest this production. That is 3.. just 3 people!!!  not thousands, just 3 people. These pearls represent a labor of love.. and dedication deeper than greed. The beauty of this shows in the pearls. These pearls are not mass produced..they are the opposite of that!

I can say that this year there is a larger percentage of deep color round pearls.. which is something not easily found in the past. For many years  the coveted deep purple Japan Kasumi pearls were always baroque.. so to open the cloth bags and find even 20 pieces of deep purple round pearls.. I was overjoyed with these! There are of course hundreds of the baroque pearls with deeply rippled surfaces in various colors.
Every year, I open the bags of Japan Kasumi and become interwoven with the harvest for many hours as I slowly sort these pearls into piles of similar quality and brilliance. (and occasionally find a few pairs.. which is not an easy task considering their propensity towards quirky characteristics). With pearls spread out on the table, in careful little bundles.. I slowly put the strands together. Next I drill each pearl, in each strand. After so many years.. it is with pleasure that we can exhibit the new strands in Tucson for all to see, and I am always amazed how many people stop by just to see “them”. We humbly owe the very existence of these pearls to the farmers. This year I was happy have finished several strands.. each with a unique glow.
The show in Tucson was a great success this year! WE WERE A VERY BUSY BOOTH… not too busy to throw Fuji a surprise birthday party of course! This last year, we were blessed to be hosts to two of the farmers from Lake Kasumi ga Ura, and show them around the show. They gave an extensive interview with Elizabeth Strack  (author of PEARLS) and they were overjoyed to meet fellow pearl farmers Douglas McLaurin and Enrique Arizmendi who run a magical endeavor in the
*** DID YOU KNOW? Pearls are actually GOOD for the environment… Pearls cannot grow in polluted water, so the more the pearl industry grows the more likely pearl farmers are to ensure their neighbors are also protecting the water! This is especially good news for countries of intense industrial growth, such as China. ***
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In case you have not noticed Passage Des Perles on my links page, I would like to take this foggy Sunday morning to introduce you to my personal favorite in the world of fashion blogs. In my 16 years in the pearl business, I have met thousands upon thousands of women and most of my customers are of the “elegant age”.. so I hope you will all find the same genius in Passage Des Perles that I have! I just hope she’s still writing when I am fifty or better!
The author, Duchesse, speaks the truth with a sharp wit and keen eye! Her posts have
had me in tears of laughter. She writes about fashion in terms of age, culture, size and
marketing… she offers elegant solutions for every season. She is also an avid pearl lover
and has featured items from Kojima Company, many of our customers, and fellow pearl
dealers in her posts. Click below for a selection of her posts about pearls, their physical
features and an eloquent rundown of which pearls may better enhance your own shape and style:
Duchesse also contributes to other fashion blogs. Here is a link to her guest appearance
on the hugely popular blog Une femme d’un certain age, written by Deja Pseu (http://, where she addressed the bold statements achieved with minimalist
Duchesse has won my pearly heart.. and I feel blessed to have her watching out for my fashion both now and in the future. Her posts are updated on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday..and it’s the fist place I go online in the morning!
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